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Electrical Technician

Students learn electrical concepts and installation online and apply these skills in the field during the externship
90 to 130 Hours
  • 30 Instructional Hours
  • 60 Self-Study Hours
  • 40 Externship Hours
Duration 3 or 6 months
No Prerequisites
Mentor Supported
Certificate in Electrician Theory
                         Download Course Outline

This knowledge-based Electrical Course teaches all aspects of the electrical trade rapidly preparing students for entry-level work in this field. Students learn everything from Electrical Theory and how to understand the National Electrical Code® to Blueprint reading, residential wiring, electronic control systems, motors and much more. Foundational principles of electricity, such as electric current, Ohm’s Law, and circuits are explained in detail.

Students learn the tools of the trade, and critical safety procedures. How to install specific residential electrical components is demonstrated step-by-step, including such items as device boxes, raceways and fittings, fasteners and anchors, conductors and cables and more. The Electrical Course prepares individuals for entry-level employment in such positions as Maintenance Electrician, Electrician Assistance (SOC 47-3013 Helpers-Electricians) and for entry-level and exempt electrical work classified as General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9071 US Department of Labor).


Includes Instruction in:

  • Electrical Safety and Tool

  • Electrical Theory and Calculations

  • Motors: Theory and Application

  • Residential Wiring

  • Trouble Shooting and Repair

Instructor support and interaction online or by email or phone. CLICK HERE  to download a more complete course outline.This course is not intended to enable an individual to become a licensed electrician.

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