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Welding Course

Students learn welding online and apply these skills in the field during the externship
70 to 110 Hours
  • 25 Instructional Hours
  • 55 Self-Study Hours
  • 40 Externship Hours
Duration 3 or 6 months
No Prerequisites
Mentor Supported
Certificate in Welding Theory
Syllabus HERE

This knowledge-based course includes every type of welding from gas to ARC and TIG welding. Learn through demonstration, with up close views of the instruction so you can quickly learn the fine detail of such precision work as how to hold the welding equipment, puddling, cutting and more in virtually every type of welding operation.


Also learn welding safety, tank set up, how to do every type of weld in 2G, 3G and 4G positions. The Welding Course prepares individuals for entry-level apprentice employment in the welding trade in positions classified under Welder (SOC 51-4121 US Department of Labor) and for positions involving entry-level welding work classified as General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9071 US Department of Labor).


Instruction Included:

  • Welding Safety

  • Gas Welding: including tanks, joints, setup, and cutting tips

  • Arc Welding: covers electric arc, and MIG welding, welding rods, whip-out, arc gap and much more

  • TIG Welding: covers TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and more

  • Metal cutting, gas, and plasma

  • Shop set-up, projects and fabrication techniques

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